Xiegu X6200 Review - A Versatile and Compact HF Transceiver

Xiegu X6200 Review - A Versatile and Compact HF Transceiver


Introducing the Xiegu X6200

The Xiegu X6200 is a compact and feature-packed HF transceiver that has recently arrived on the market. This new radio offers a range of capabilities that make it an attractive option for amateur radio enthusiasts. With its shack-in-a-box design, the X6200 aims to provide a comprehensive and portable solution for on-the-go operations.

Key Upgrades from the Previous Model

Compared to its predecessor, the Xiegu X6100, the X6200 has undergone several notable improvements. The maximum power output has been reduced from 10 watts to 8 watts, with the internal battery operation now at 4 watts instead of 5 watts. This change is believed to contribute to reduced heat generation and extended battery life, without a significant impact on signal strength.

Another notable upgrade is the inclusion of a sharper 4-inch color display, which provides a clearer and more vibrant user interface. Additionally, the X6200 now features the FM broadcast band, allowing users to enjoy music or stay up-to-date with the latest news while taking a break from amateur radio activities.

The radio has also expanded its capabilities by adding the VHF aircraft band, catering to those who enjoy monitoring aviation communications, particularly at air shows. Furthermore, the X6200 now includes an FT8 decoder, enabling users to decode and observe the popular digital mode without the need for additional software or computer integration.

Physical Design and Accessories

The Xiegu X6200 features a slightly larger form factor compared to its predecessor, with rounded corners and a solid construction. The front panel includes handles, making it easy to access and change the internal battery. The radio comes equipped with a built-in microphone and PTT button, as well as an internal antenna tuner, providing a true "shack-in-a-box" experience.

In the box, users will find a printed instruction manual, an AC charging supply, a DC power lead, a data cable (USB to USB-C), and a comprehensive external microphone. The microphone offers additional functionality, including direct frequency entry, mode selection, and memory access, making it a valuable accessory for the X6200.

Operating Modes and Tuning

The Xiegu X6200 supports the common operating modes of SSB, CW, AM, and FM, which are selected using the three buttons on the top-left of the panel. The single BNC antenna socket and DC power input are located on the left side of the radio.

Tuning the X6200 is straightforward, with the radio offering a range of frequency step sizes to suit different operating preferences. Users can choose from 10 Hz, 100 Hz, and 1 kHz steps, with the central knob providing 10 kHz steps for quick frequency changes.

Audio Performance and Customization

One of the standout features of the X6200 is its impressive audio performance, both in terms of the internal speaker and when using an external speaker. The audio quality and volume levels are commendable, even when operating the radio on its internal battery.

The radio's display offers a range of customization options, allowing users to adjust the proportion of the waterfall to the spectrum display, the spectrum width, the backlight, and the colors of various on-screen elements. This level of customization enables users to tailor the display to their personal preferences and operating needs.

CW and Digital Mode Support

The Xiegu X6200 caters to CW operators, providing the ability to adjust the key type, speed, tone frequency, and tone level. Additionally, the radio features a built-in CW decoder, which can be useful for those who want to monitor CW activity without the need for active participation.

For digital mode enthusiasts, the X6200 includes an FT8 decoder, allowing users to observe the popular digital mode without the requirement of a computer interface. While the radio does not have the capability to transmit FT8, the built-in decoder provides a convenient way to monitor and decode FT8 signals.

Connectivity and Accessories

The Xiegu X6200 offers a range of connectivity options, including a direct cable link between the transceiver and a linear amplifier, a USB-C port for PC communication, and provisions for remote control. Additionally, the radio supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, as well as RTTY decoding.

The X6200 is equipped with an SD card slot, enabling users to record CW and audio messages, as well as providing a convenient way to update the radio's firmware. The VSWR measurement and spectrum display features are also accessible through the radio's menu system, offering valuable tools for monitoring and optimizing the antenna system.

Battery Life and Versatility

The Xiegu X6200 is powered by a 3.2 Ah battery, which is estimated to provide around 5 hours of continuous receive operation. In a typical transmit-receive cycle, the battery is expected to last for at least 3 hours when running at 4 watts of output power. Users can further extend the battery life by reducing the power output or utilizing the screen sleep mode.

Beyond amateur radio activities, the X6200 offers the ability to tune into the FM broadcast band, providing a welcome distraction and entertainment option when the ham radio bands are quiet. Additionally, the inclusion of the VHF aircraft band allows users to monitor aviation communications, adding to the radio's versatility.


The Xiegu X6200 is a compact and feature-rich HF transceiver that caters to the needs of amateur radio enthusiasts. With its upgraded capabilities, improved audio performance, and versatile connectivity options, the X6200 presents a compelling choice for those seeking a portable and comprehensive shack-in-a-box solution.

The overall impression of the Xiegu X6200 is positive, and the radio seems well-suited for both portable and home-based operations. The Xiegu X6200 is poised to be a popular addition to the amateur radio landscape.