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Maha is a leading professional designer and manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and battery charger solutions. Forget domestic NiMH batteries - these are the professional's choice, trusted by the likes of NASA and Kodak!

Thanks to an unmatched commitment to research & development, Maha are able to offer truly outstanding rechargeable battery and charger products that outperform the competition, time and time again.

Powerex Rechargeable Batteries

Powerex AA Rechargeable Batteries Powerex Rechargeable Batteries are available in a range of sizes (AA, AAA, C, D, PP3), with incredible capacities - up to 2700 mAH from a single Rechargeable AA Battery!

As a result, they last up to 40% longer between charges than some competitors, making them great for high-power home electronics like CD/MP3 Players, Game Systems and Digital Cameras... see our list of the most popular applications on the right.

Imedion Rechargeable Batteries

Imedion Rechargeable Batteries retain up to 85% of their charge for 1 year!Imedion Rechargeable Batteries are designed to hold their charge for extraordinary periods of time, whilst retaining a significant capacity. Imedion technology means that unlike a normal battery that would lose 85% of it's charge, an Imedion battery can retain 85% of its charge for an entire year!

Maha Battery Chargers

Maha C-9000 Battery Charger Thanks to their ability to design and manufacture custom microprocessors in-house, Maha offers serious battery chargers that are suitable for professional and industrial users.

Maha C801D 1-Hour Battery Charger Digital Readout In addition to standard features (e.g. 1-Hour Fast Charge), Maha battery chargers have highly advanced features including Battery Conditioning and Digital Analysis that enable Maha chargers to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your rechargeable batteries.

Maha C1090F Fast Charger Whether they are NiMH or NiCD... Powerex, Imedion, other-brand or even a special Battery Pack that would normally require a special charger... why not find out how much difference a Maha battery charger makes!