ACOM 2020S

1.5 kW HF Solid State Amplifier – with 6m **NEW**


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ACOM 2020S DUE 2022 Price to be confirmed.

A state-of-the art 1500W heavy-duty, solid-state linear amplifier, covering all amateur bands from 1.8 to 54 MHz

The amplifier employs two powerful modules in power splitting/combining technique which is well time-proven in high-power commercial applications to provide sufficient output headroom. Thanks to input and output ports isolation from each other, the intermodulation is reduced, and SWR toughness, self-excitation resistance, and reliability are improved.
ACOM 2020S features a Remote Control Unit model R05 with the operating information shown on a multi-functional, high resolution colour touch screen. All indicators and controls are accessible via the touch screen RCU, as well as, all command input to the RCU is menu-driven.

As standard, the ACOM 2020S is equipped with Ethernet interface facilitating its usage in Remotely Operated Stations.

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