AOR AR-5700D – Communications Receiver

Base Station Receiver with I/Q output.

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 This is a wide-band professional design covering 9kHz - 3.7GHz. As well as all the normal analogue modes, it offers extensive digital decoding, including all the popular ham VHF modes. For the professional user and advanced listener, it offers the widest range of digital modes for any receiver in this class. Digital modes can be autodetected, making monitoring fast and effective. A full list of the many digital modes covered can be seen below. The dedicated AOR software adds spectrum display and full PC control.
New Update Feature added May 2020:  Trunked TETRA / GSSI filtering! A world first for a Communications Receiver.

9kHz~3700MHz analog & digital modes.


FM, FM-stereo, AM, synchronous AM, USB, LSB, CW, analog I/Q, FM video.

D-STAR / GMSK / AMBE DV mode only

YAESU / C4FM / AMBE+2 V/D narrow mode only

ALINCO / GMSK / AMBE EJ47 (F1E) mode only

D-CR / C4FM / AMBE+2

NXDN / C4FM / AMBE+2 6.25kHz mode only

P25 Phase 1 / C4FM / IMBE Conventional mode only

dPMR / C4FM / AMBE+2 Tier 1 only

DMR / C4FMx2 / AMBE+2 Tier 1 and Tier 2 only

TETRA direct mode (T-DM) / π/4 shift QPSK / ACELP

TETRA traffic channel (T-TC) / π/4 shift QPSK / ACELP

Mototrbo, dPMR, NXDN, D-CR, D-STAR, Alinco, Yaesu.

Automatic detection of digital modes during scan & search.

Up to 900 KHz wide digital I/Q output.

Read a comprehensive review of the radio from the World Radio TV Handbook 2021 here:

(With Kind permission of WRTH Publication Ltd)


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