Elecraft CP1

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The CP1 Dual Directional Coupler is an easy-to-build, inexpensive, high-performance mini-module kit, ideal for first-time builders, and will serve many useful functions in your shack and at your electronics workbench. It can be built in a single evening, and includes a complete, illustrated assembly manual.

The CP1 is a very useful tool in the ham shack, especially that of a homebrew enthusiast.  It is a dual directional coupler that provides high directivity, can be internally or externally terminated and can be constructed with a coupling loss of either 20 dB or 30 dB. It can be used to sample a transmitter's forward power and reflected power output.

As an example the forward power port can be connected to an oscilloscope for display of the transmit envelope. It is an ideal companion to the 2T-Gen 2 Tone test generator.

For more advanced applications is can be used with a spectrum analyzer and tracking generator to sweep the return loss (SWR) of an antenna or other device in real time over a frequency range.

Note: This product is a kit which may involve building the product by selecting individual components, soldering them to the circuit board, winding toroids, installing LEDs and displays, calibrating circuits to meet specified performance levels. 

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