Funcube Dongle Pro+ Improved Version 150kHz To 1900MHz


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As part of AMSAT-UK's FUNcube satellite project, the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ is the "ground segment", or a radio receiver designed to allow anyone to try their hand at reception of satellites like FUNcube anywhere on Earth as part of a global educational collaboration project collecting information from space.  The FUNcube Dongle Pro+ isn't just an enhancement it's a total re-design from the ground up.

The NEW  FUNcube Dongle Pro+  plugs into your computer's USB port. It's compatible with many radio reception programs like Rocky, M0KGK, Spectravue and LinRad. The FUNcube Dongle also works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 both x86 and x64. In addition, it is compatible with Linux and MacOS as it uses standard USB drivers already integrated into the operating system.

The new Pro+ gives unlimited access to the frequency range 150kHz to 1900MHz. (250-410MHz ommitted)

It's also all-mode: this means that it's not just limited to narrow band FM reception. As well as data, the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ will also receive many other narrow band signals including AM, FM and SSB. It now has amazing performance on 2m & 70cm thanks to high performance (and expensive SAW filters fitted on board.)

this is a complete redesign. to give you a flavour, the new FCD has well over twice as many parts in its bill of materials,(240 discreet components in fact!). To cater for this the board in now a six layer designed (the original FCD was only double sided). to fit these extra pars in, they are soldered on both sides of the PCB. There are no fewer than eleven discrete front end preselection filters, including some serious SAW filters specifically chosen  for the 2m and 70cm amateur bands. but that's just the start .......

Key Features/Specifications:

  • Guaranteed frequency range: 150kHz to 240MHz and 420MHz to 1.9GHz
  • Typical frequency coverage: 150kHz to 260MHz and 410MHz to 2.05GHz
  • TCXO specified at 0.5ppm (in practice about 1.5ppm)
  • 192kHz sampling rate
  • Extremely simple hardware setup, just two connections, an “in” and an “out”:
    • Standard SMA female antenna port
    • USB 1.x type A male connection
  • Eleven discrete hardware front end filters including:
    • 6MHz 3dB bandwidth (10MHz at -40dB) SAW filter for the 2m band.
    • 20MHz 3dB bandwidth (42MHz at -40dB) SAW filter for the 70cm band
    • Third- and fifth-order LC bandpass filters for other bands
  • Front end LNA OIP3 30dB
  • Typical noise figures:
    • 50MHz 2.5dB
    • 145MHz 3.5dB
    • 435MHz 3.5dB
    • 1296MHz 5.5dB
  • Typical NFM 12dB SINAD measurements:
    • 145MHz 0.15uV
    • 435MHz 0.15uV
  • No additional drivers required for Linux, OSX or Windows
  • Integrated 5V bias T switchable from software
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