Icom AH-710 2-30MHz HF Folded Dipole inc Cable.


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Intended for military use, the Icom AH-710 is so simple to use. Just open the box, roll out the antenna (which is fully assembled) outside where you want to erect. Connect the supplied high quality coax cable assembly.

For the use with the following products

  • IC-706MKIIG : Multi-band (HF+6m+2m+70cm) mobile transceiver (Discontinued)
  • IC-718 : HF All Band Transceiver
  • IC-M801E : MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver

Key Features

  • 1136 channels
  • 150 Watts output
  • Automatic tuning function
  • Covers all allowed bands between 1.6 and 27.5 MHz
  • Modes: SSB, RTTY, CW and AM
  • 2182 kHz alarm built-in (optional for General versions)
  • RF gain control
  • Audio activated squelch
  • Terminals for frequency/mode control via NMEA interfacing
  • Direct keypad channel selection entry
  • Large, front-mounted speaker
  • Direct keypad channel selection entry
  • CW full break-in and semi break-in
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