Headphones with boom Mic

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        Ham radio never sounded so good!

  • Comfortable over-the-ear earpieces with large diaphragm high response speakers
  • Full stereo reception to allow use with dual receiver transceivers
  • 600 ohm dynamic microphone element on adjustable boom
  •  Unique headband tilt-back feature as used on pro broadcast headsets. Extra wide and thick rubberized foam top padding for long stretches of wearing the headset while DXing or contesting
  •  Light: weighs only 13 ounces. Avoid the neck and head fatigue associated with modified aircraft headsets sold by other companies.
  • Extra long straight + coiled cable with total length of almost 7 feet. 4 ½ feet straight + 1 ½ feet coiled + 1 ft straight. Coiled section can be stretched out an additional 2 feet if desired.


  • Rig mic jack adaptors available for 8 pin modern Icom rigs, 8 pin Yaesu / Ten-Tec, 8 pin Kenwood / Elecraft, RJ-45 Yaesu, 3 pin TRS FlexRadio 6400/6600.

    The right features for long hours of radio communication use.   

Starting with comfortable over-the-ear earpieces.  Your ear goes inside the cup rather than having earphone padding pushing your ear backward against the head, leading to pain after hours of use. 

 Headband fatigue is another potential problem with long-term headset use.  Modified aircraft headsets sold by others for ham radio use push down on the top of the head because they are heavy and lack adequate padding at the top.  

We have solved this problem with two features.  First, thick rubberized foam padding at the top of the headband that molds to the head when in use.  Second, like broadcast headsets, the W1 has a tilt-and-click headband tilt feature.  The headband can be tipped back as far as 30 degrees off vertical without moving the earpieces, in addition to standard up/down movement of the band.   

Receive and transmit audio sound terrific.  Large diaphragm high response speakers provide clear, clean articulation of receive audio.  Stereo connector for use with dual receive transceivers if desired.  Transmit audio is from a 600 ohm dynamic microphone element that's the correct impedance for your HF transceiver and has excellent response from 50 Hz-15 kHz.   Sounds great for DXing, contesting, and general on-the-air use.  

Extra long straight and coiled cable from the headset to the radio.  7 feet total length.  4 feet of straight section, followed by 1 1/2 feet coiled for RF suppression, then 1 foot straight to the adapter for the radio mic jack.  Connect the 1/8" mono transmit audio jack on the headset to an INRAD M-series mic jack adapter and you're ready to operate. 

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