Simplex Pocket Repeater Range Extender

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When you and your buddy are out of radio range, this MFJ Simplex Pocket Repeater greatly extends your range.
You can have your own private portable repeater within your neighborhood or when hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, caravanning on the road.
During a disaster, your MFJ-662 can provide emergency communications when repeaters are down.
You can communicate way beyond the normal range of your handheld or mobile.
Works with virtually any radios in any mode or frequency in any ham band or business band. Its legal!
As a simplex repeater, the MFJ-662 with another radio digitally records audio from an out-of-range HT/Mobile and then retransmits to other HT/Mobiles.
Tiny, pocket-size 2.25Wx3.75Hx1D inches.
Repeats up to 32 second message. LED lights when recording. On/Off switch. 5 pin header for radio cable (connector included). Use 9 Volt battery, 9 - 15 VDC or 220 VAC with optional MFJ-1312X,

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