MLP-62 50 to 1300MHz Log Periodic


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The log periodic antenna is a particularly useful design when modest levels of gain are required, combined with wideband operation. A typical example of this type of RF antenna design will provide between 4 and 6 dB gain over a bandwidth of 2:1 while retaining an SWR level of better than 1.3:1. With this level of performance it is ideal for many applications, although a log periodic antenna will be much larger than a Yagi that will produce equivalent gain. However the Yagi is unable to operate over such a wide bandwidth

Key Features/Specifications:

  • Type: Log periodic
  • Transmit frequency: 50-1300MHz
  • Receive frequency: 50-1300MHz
  • Boom length: 2.0m
  • Longest element: 3.0M
  • Gain: 10-12dBi
  • VSWR: 2:1>or better over whole spectrum
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Connection: Fly lead with high quality N-type socket
  • Weight: 5kg
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