NEV PS-1335

  • Low Noise Switch Mode 30 Amp Power supply
  • Includes terminals for battery backup/uninterruptable power supply function
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection
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The Nevada PS-1335 is a high efficiency, small lightweight, portable power supply.

It is RF quiet and exceptionally immune to RFI at close range.

Versatile Power supply with battery back up function

The Nevada PS-1335 is a portable, low weight mains regulated supply with overvoltage protection, over-current protection,  short protection. But in addition to this is very low noise at RF making it ideal for use with Radio transmitting equipment.  In addition by adding a battery it becomes an un-interruptible supply that continues to operate your transceiver even when the mains supply fails.

By adding a suitable 13.8v (nominal 12v) lead-acid or sealed gel battery, when the mains is on, the battery is kept charged with up to 1.8 amp charging current, keeping the battery ready for use.  When the mains fails, a fast relay switches in the battery to keep everything going.  The battery is fused with a 30amp fuse.

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  • Input voltage...AC230V/50Hz
  • Output voltage...Fixed 13.8VDC
  • Overload Over Voltage Protection
  • Output Current 30A (max)
  • Size 181 x 63 x 190mm
  • Weight 1.52kg
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