Echo and Roger Beep Module

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The PNI ECH01 echo and roger beep module has been designed to work with any radio station in the CB and VHF/UHF band as an add-on module.

Main Functions:

  • Echo: Generating the echo effect of the signal captured by the radio station's microphone and inserting it into the modulation stage.

  • Roger beep: Generating a personalized signal (via MP3 audio file) upon completion of the broadcast and maintaining it.

Custom Roger Beep Effect - Connect the module to a computer and copy the customized audio file (MP3 or WAV, maximum duration 1.5 seconds) according to the instructions in the manual. As a result, at the end of each broadcast, you will also transmit the customized audio signal that will be received by other CB users as an end-of-broadcast warning.

Make yourself stand out in traffic with PNI's echo and roger beep mode.

Compatibility - The PNI ECH01 echo and roger beep module is compatible with any CB or VHF/UHF radio station regardless of brand. Add these two new functions to your station and you will make a difference: your received voice will be distinguished from others by the echo effect, and the end of your broadcast will be marked by an original audio signal.

Connect to computer and copy custom sound- To write another sound (beep of maximum 1.5 seconds) edited in MP3 or WAV format, you must connect the PNI ECH01 module via micro-USB cable to the laptop (computer) and activate the power switch. In a few seconds the laptop will find the xx MB memory, then by normal copying transfer the file to the memory of the PNI ECH01 module. Do not forget to switch the PNI ECH01 module switch to the initial working position.

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