Radar Antenna Set Up (10m Version)

(For Kinetic SBS or similar) (Radar-110KIT-10)

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Complete antenna system for your Kinetic SBS or similar. Includes everything you need, antenna, pre-amp and all required inter-connection cables.

Please Note:This is the 10m length version

Key Features/Specifications:

  • RADAR-110 high gain colinear antenna
  • 1m low loss N-type to N-type RG213 patch lead to connect from pre-amp to antenna
  • RADAR-AMP1090 high gain 12dB mast pre-amplifier
  • 10m low loss N-type to N-type F-Zero patch lead to connect from pre-amp down to Bias-T
  • Bias-T for DC-Feed to antenna
  • SB58M-1 0.5m low loss RG58M SMA to BNC patch lead from Bias-T to receiver
  • RADAR-PSU 3 pin power supply for Bias-T
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