SANGEAN GoTune 200 (FTM-02)


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The GoTune 200 is the most straightforward way to renew your vehicles’ existing audio system: you don’t have to replace it, so you can appreciate your car ride even more with Digital Radio!

Receive the clear DAB+ signal with your FM car radio using the GoTune 200. DAB+ Service… at your service! More and more tabletop radios are equipped with DAB+, but it is not so easy to upgrade your car radio. Forget the hassle of pulling your car apart and then putting it back together again. The GoTune 200 is easy to connect to your existing system; with a few steps you will be on the digital road! Connect the GoTune 200 DAB+ receiver via the cigarettes plug or a USB port. Make sure it is secure attached to your window with the supplied suction cup, and lastly add the antenna to your car and you will be ready to go tune! Listen to your favorite radio stations with interference free quality.

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