SenHaix 8800 (Orange) Bluetooth dual band handheld radio with Airband RX


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SenHaix 8800 Feature rich dual band handheld

Standard Accessories

Battery, Antenna, Charger, Adaptor, Belt Clip, Hand Strap

Radio Features

  • Power Output 5W
  • Dual Band
  • Dual Watch
  • Dual Standby
  • LED Flashlight
  • SOS Warning
  • DTMF Tone
  • ANI Code
  • PTT ID
  • FM Radio
  • Encryption
  • 1750Hz Tone
  • Customize Channel Names
  • Bluetooth Programming
  • IOS Apstore App is SHX8800

Technical Specifications

Frequency RangeUHF & VHF 
Channel Capacity128 Channels
Channel Step25KHz(Wide Band), 12.5KHz(Narrow Band)
Frequency Stability±2.5ppm
Operating Voltage7.4V DC  ± 20%
Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ +60  â„ƒ
Antenna Impedance50Ω
Dimension134*60*38mm(with battery pack)
Weight270g(with battery pack, antenna)
 Wide BandNarrow Band
Output Power5W5W
Modulation Mode16KφF3E8KφF3E
Adjacent Channel Power≥65dB≥60dB
Singal Noise Ratio≤-40dB≤-40dB
Parasitic Harmonic≤65dB≥60dB
Spurious Emission≤-36dBm≤-36dBm
Audio Response300Hz-3KHz300Hz-3KHz
Audio Distortion≤5%≤5%
 Wide BandNarrow Band
Sensitivity-120dBm (20db SINAD)-120dBm (20db SINAD)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity≥60dB≥55dB
Spurious Rejection≥60dB≥55dB
Audio Response300Hz-3KHz300Hz-3KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio≥45dB≥40dB
Audio Distortion≤5%≤5%
Audio Output Power1W1W
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