• 80 – 10 End Fed Half Wave Antenna
  • Power: 1Kw (I. C.A.S)
  • 132 feet Long
  • No Tuner Required
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Manufactured in the USA by Vibroplex, under the EndFedz brand, these antennas are easy to install, resonant on 8 bands and DO NOT require a tuner to operate. With a power handling of 1 kW (I.C.A.S) (350W data modes) they will handle enough power for the majority of Amateurs.

  • Multi band End Fed Half Wave Antenna
  • Covers 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10 m
  • 130 Feet (39.6 m) long
  • NO TUNER needed!
  • Power Handling 1 Kw  (I.C.A.S.)  (350 W data modes)

This is an End-Fed Half-Wave antenna for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10 m bands. Unlike many END FED antennas on the market, this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. It is resonant Half wave on 80 m (3.5 MHz) therefore also resonant on second, third and fourth harmonics etc.

Due High Impedance feed point, the antenna is less height dependent. You can put it up at 10 or 50 feet in the air, as an inverted vee, or inverted L  without much change in VSWR values..

  • NO TUNER required
  • NO counterpoise needed although Grounding recommended
  • Frequency coverage: 3.5-30 MHz
  • Resonant on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10 m
  • Wire length ~130 feet
  • Power Handling: 1 kW (Intermittent Commercial & Amateur Service)  (350 W data modes)
  • Stainless Steel hardware

Grounding at the transformer box or end of the coaxial cable is recommended for protection of your equipment from an electrostatic build up and discharge.  NOTE: grounding does not affect antenna tuning.

Multi-band Par End-Fedz® antennas are a full-length half wave dipoles at their lowest frequency of operation, but with an important difference.

The coax connector is at one end of the dipole, where it is convenient to feed, leaving just a low profile wire to run down the garden. These antennas can be mounted horizontally, vertically or as a sloper.

No ground plane or counterpoise is needed. Portable operation could not be easier. Simply hang the far end from a tree limb – the coax is at the bottom.

Hang it down from a hotel window or string it up in various configurations to fit your needs – consult the manual for ideas.

End insulators are supplied making suspension easy.

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