NEW Weather station with Colour screen and WiFi

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NEW Weather station with Colour screen and WiFi

This new model W-8686 with WiFi and colour screen provides accurate weather readings and is able to stream data from the weather station to internet based weather services.

The primary source of power for the outdoor sensor is the solar panel. When available solar light is insufficient, the batteries will be used. In colder climates (below 0c) the use of lithium batteries is strongly recommended as these will perform better than alkaline batteries.

Features :

  • Wind speed - wind speed transmitted from the sensor array
  • UV sensor
  • Solar radiation sensor
  • Wind direction -wind direction transmitted from the sensor array
  • Bubble level - built in bubble level helps to provides assurance of best installation
  • Rain guage - rain rate, daily,weekly, monthly,yearly rainfall transmitted from the sensor array
  • Solar power - solar energy transmitted from the senasor array
  • Outdoor temperature/humidity
  • Indoor temperature
  • Indoor humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Minimum/maximum - displays min/max of all major parameters
  • Calendar - time and day calendar with NIST.gov internet time server synchronization
  • Moon phase
  • Units of measure - supports both imperial and metric units
  • Calibration - all major parameters are calibratable
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