Watson WAP-700Y4

Yaesu 4-Pin Earpiece/Mic

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Watson WAP-700Y4S Lapel mic + PTT and acoustic tube earpiece for Yaesu 4 pole

• Acoustic earpiece

• Speaker diameter 15mm

• 32 Ohm impedance

• 100mW output

• Spare ear-plug

• Secure & comfortable

• Mic electret condenser

• Impedance 2k

• Sensitivity -58db

• Thumbsized PTT

• Lapel/pocket clip

• Range of connectors

• Lighter than speaker/mics

• Private listening

• Thumbsized mic with PTT

• Tiny & light

• Lapel/pocket clip

• Sensitive mic for discrete QSOs

• Quality dynamic earphone

• Quality electret microphone

• Ideal for security radios

• Great for amateur radios

Latest earpiece with acoustic channel for reception. Instead of the usual dynamic earpiece, this model uses the same technique as used on some aircraft, of channelling the audio up to the ear through an acoustic tube. Not only does it produce a clear audio but the tubing is almost invisible being made of clear plastic. At the end of the tube is a soft plastic earplug which fits into the ear. The other end with the loudspeaker transducer is clipped to a collar as illustrated in the photo. There is a spare earplug provided, which is easily fitted to replace the original.

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