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INNOV 8 Element 50MHz LFA2 Yagi (11.67m)


INNOV 8 Element 50MHz LFA2 Yagi (11.67m)

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About INNOV 8 Element 50MHz LFA2 Yagi (11.67m)

8 element low-noise LFA2 Yagi

The antenna has very highly suppressed lobes in both azimuth and elevation plots and therefore is idea for very noisy city locations. If you want to beat the noise in a mid-sized 6m Antenna, this is the one for you!

It possesses all of the design traits. it provides a low-noise front-end for your radio so you hear more weak signals. This compact 8 element 50Mhz LFA provides stunning performance across the important section of the 6m band (50.00 - 50.500MHz). Hard to beat with a direct 50 Ohm feed-point and no matching losses and suppression of unwanted noise.

It is made with tapered elements 16mm centres and 13mm outer sections, both with 2mm wall thickness. The antenna has fully insulated elements which will ensure continuous. Boom to mast brackets are included with the antennas which will support 2 inch masts. Boom is 45mm tapering to 40mm at the ends also with 2mm wall. A Kevlar boom guy system is provided with this antenna.

The antennas are constructed with the best quality materials in order that the best mechanical construction can be achieved, even a digital caliper is used (with an accuracy of .01mm) to measure the elements during production.


  • 13.57dBi @ 50.150MHz
  • 29.94dB @ 50.150MHz
  • Peak Gain: 13.64dBi
  • Gain 15m above average ground: 19.19dBi
  • Peak F/B: 35.69dB
  • Power Rating: 5kw+
  • SWR: Below 1.1:1 from 50.00MHz to 50.500MHz
  • Stacking Distance: 5.5 -7.0m ( 6.5m recommended)
  • 2 Stacked Gain @ 6.5m spacing: 16.35dBi
  • 2 Stacked F/B: 31.35dB
  • 2 Stacked Gain @ 6.5m Spacing 15m above ground: 21.83dBi
  • Boom Length: 11.678m
  • Weight: 17.9Kg
  • Turning Radius: 6.031m
  • Wind Loading: 0.52 Sq Mtr
  • Wind Survival: 107MPH - 125MPH+


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