Comparing the Icom IC7300 and the FT 710: A Closer Look at Two HF Transceivers

Comparing the Icom IC7300 and the FT 710: A Closer Look at Two HF Transceivers



When it comes to HF transceivers, the market is filled with options. From brand new models to secondhand options, the choices can be overwhelming. However, there are two radios that deserve special attention: the Icom IC7300 and the FT 710. In this article, we will take a closer look at these two transceivers and discuss their features, performance, and value for money.

The Icom IC7300: A Game Changer in HF Communications

First launched in 2016, the Icom IC7300 made a significant impact in the world of HF communications. This transceiver introduced a complete software-defined radio (SDR) design, which revolutionized the way signals were processed. With its real-time band scope, audio spectrum display, and exceptional receiver performance, the IC7300 quickly became a favorite among radio enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the IC7300 is its touch-screen display, which makes navigation and customization incredibly intuitive. The radio offers a wide range of features typically found in higher-end models, such as full display audio scope and customizable setup menus. Additionally, the IC7300 covers not only the HF bands but also the 6-meter and 4-meter bands, providing users with extra frequency coverage.

Since its release, the IC7300 has garnered tremendous popularity and demand. Its performance, coupled with its competitive price range, made it a top choice for many radio operators. While other manufacturers eventually introduced their own SDR radios, it was not until several years later that Yaesu launched their first fully SDR HF transceiver, the FT 710.

The Yaesu FT 710: A Surprisingly Remarkable Transceiver

Although the Yaesu FT 710 did not have a grand debut like the IC7300, it proved to be a head-on competitor in terms of performance. This transceiver, fully equipped with SDR technology, offered impressive receiver performance that placed it near the top of the renowned Sherwood Engineering list.

Unlike the IC7300, which had a significant head start in the market, the FT 710 was Yaesu's first fully SDR HF transceiver. While it may not have received as much initial attention, recent evaluations have revealed its remarkable capabilities. With a lower price tag compared to the IC7300, the FT 710 offers exceptional value for money.

Similar to the IC7300, the FT 710 covers a wide frequency range, including the HF, 6-meter, and 4-meter bands. These additional bands make it an attractive option for radio operators looking for extended coverage.

Choosing Between the IC7300 and the FT 710

Both the IC7300 and the FT 710 offer outstanding performance and features, making it challenging to determine a clear winner. The IC7300 has the advantage of being an older model, benefiting from years of development and refinement. However, the FT 710's receiver performance places it among the top transceivers on the market.

Ultimately, the choice between these two transceivers comes down to personal preference. If you are an Icom fan, the IC7300 will not disappoint. On the other hand, if you have a preference for Yaesu, the FT 710 provides comparable performance at a lower price point.

It is important to note that both transceivers offer a tremendous amount of performance for their respective price ranges. While more expensive models may have additional features, the IC7300 and the FT 710 deliver exceptional value for money. Whether you are a budget-conscious operator or simply looking for a reliable transceiver, both models are excellent choices.


When it comes to HF transceivers, the Icom IC7300 and the FT 710 stand out as two exceptional options. Their SDR technology, wide frequency coverage, and receiver performance make them popular choices among radio enthusiasts. While personal preferences may influence the final decision, there is no denying the value for money that both transceivers offer.

If you are in the market for a new transceiver, consider the IC7300 and the FT 710 as reliable options. These transceivers, available at Waters and Stanton, provide the performance you need without breaking the bank. Whether you are a seasoned operator or just starting your ham radio journey, these transceivers will exceed your expectations.

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